The D155A-6R bulldozer has a turbocharged aftercooled SAA6D140E-5 diesel engine with a 264 [kW] 354 [hp] net power, delivering excellent productivity. It also is EPA Tier 2 and UE Stage 2 certified (equivalent).

The Komatsu D155A-6R offers an outstanding productivity and fuel economy due to its new SIGMADOZER blade, reducing digging resistance and increasing material rolling up effect in order to reduce pushing resistance and increase load capacity. It also has an automatic transmission with lockup torque converter, increasing speed and power in order to improve fuel consumption and productivity.

Operating Weight41,700 kg / 91,932.8 lbs
Horsepower264 kW 354 HP @ 1900 rpm
Blade Capacity9.4m3 Semi-U Dozer Blade
RipperGiant Ripper
Blade Length x Height4,130 mm x 1,790 mm
Maximum Lift Above Ground1250 mm
Maximum Drop Below Ground590 mm
Maximum Tilt Adjustment950 mm

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