BOMAG single drum rollers set the standards in soil compaction.

The unrivaled expertise and experience of the world market leader have been channeled into the „-40“ series. The result: hard-wearing machine technology and low running costs.

In brief: these BOMAG single drum rollers are the true benchmarks for soil compaction.

BW211D-40 single drum rollers are used for medium to heavy soil compaction work.

It continues the BOMAG tradition in delivering cost-effective, superior quality compaction rollers to today’s construction market.

1. Efficient Cooling System

The air is guided upwards into the open so the entire engine is less exposed to dust. The air intake is from the top of the roller where the air is cleanest which means longer Air filter Change interval. 

2. Superior Engine Performance

Less Fuel Quality Concerns. Highest Reliability.

3. Worry Free Warranty

4. Easiest Service & Maintenance Cost in the Market

  • Easy Access on Main Components
The engine hood is made with a 3-piece sturdy steel plate construction that can be easily opened and folded to an opening angle of 90 degrees
  • Maintenance Free Components. No Need for Regular Lubrication
Checking or re-tightening the fastening of the axle on the frame for every 1000 hours.
  • Long Service Interval
Individually replaceable Rubber Buffers that are accessible and interchangeable.

Hydraulic oil is only changed only every 2000 hours or every 2 years because other equipment brands produce a lot of unnecessary heat, their hydraulic oil consumption runs up to 212L due to thermal cooling problems compared to only 60L of Bomag.

  • Durable drum.
Made of HD Steels with 4 precision bearings; No need for lubrication with special sliding seals that protect against dirt and critical compaction material.
  • Components Protection
  • Optional Pad Foot Kit
Trapeze-shaped pads on the drum achieve optimum impact on cohesive soil.

5. Durable Tire

6. Excellent Gradeability & Best Maneuverability

Full traction with no spin axle for best off-road capacity

7. Superior Compaction Performance

High Vibration Mass: 3690 Kg
Static Linear Load: 30.8kg/cm
Frequency: 30/36Hz
Aplitude: 1.8 / 0.95 MM
Soil Compaction: 600mm below

8. Equipped with Bomag Telematic

9. Economizer

Operating Weight9,500 kg.
Engine Drive98.0 Deutz
Working Width2130 mm
Engine Power98.0 kW
Emission StageStage II / Tier 2

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